Experience this audio/visual art installation blurring the line between our physical and digital lives. Using virtual reality technology, participants communicate between two separate realities to illuminate beacons of light, forming a giant abstract menorah.

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Secret Portal, a group comprised of Mike Mandel, Jeff Hesser, Chris Baum, Dare Matheson, Guy Mendilow, Dawn Rivers, Tim Zylicz, and Dan Egan, is proud to debut their unique virtual reality installation, “Between Lands”, as part of the 2nd-annual Hanukkah celebration at the MFA, Boston.  The installation is an audio/visual experience that blurs the line between our physical and digital lives.  Using virtual reality technology, the piece experiments with new forms of social interaction. Participants communicate between two separate realities to illuminate beacons of light, forming a giant abstract menorah.

Utilizing new technology from HTC and Valve, one participant will wear a headset that reveals a fantastical alternate reality within the space of the exhibit.  Carrying a digital torch, they will navigate the exhibit seeking to illuminate each beacon one at a time. Their torch will only stay lit if they follow a secret path, visible only to the audience and a second participant.  This participant will guide the torch carrier on a journey through a series of hidden portals, revealing dark hallways and open vistas, culminating in an explosion of color and sound when a new beacon is successfully illuminated.  As each of the 8 beacons are lit, the room transforms from a dark and mysterious place to a vibrant and joyful one.

This installation was developed through a unique collaboration of artists, designers, technologists, and musicians interested in exploring new concepts of communication and social interaction.  Members of the team have previously worked on a diverse array of projects ranging from the Rock Band videogame series to innovative narrative musical performances that have toured internationally.  For this piece, they are particularly interested in the cooperative experience and direct interaction between participants in virtual and physical reality as well as the social experience of the crowd watching the event. By creating a multi-sensory environment that can be heard, touched, and seen from many vantage points, the hope is to create an array of memorable experiences for all visitors.

Experience Between Lands

One Night Only

December 9, 2015
5 pm – 9 pm
(entry times every 30 min)
Trustee Room
(Meeting Room 325)

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